Truffles - 12 "Milk" Chocolate

Truffles - 12 "Milk" Chocolate

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Six hand-rolled, hand-made organic coconut milk chocolate ganache vegan truffles covered in our dairy-free, soy-free coconut milk chocolate. Shipped in a gift box, as shown. Because the filling is all natural, and has no preservatives, refrigerate if you are not planning on eating right away. This product is vegan / dairy free, and uses coconut milk.

Ingredients: Organic unrefined cane sugar, organic fair trade cocoa beans, organic coconut milk, organic cocoa butter.

Vegan truffles made with vegan chocolate. A plant-based delight! Soy free, gluten free, and dairy free chocolate!


Because of the delicate nature of chocolate, in warm weather and/or to warm climates, we will ship your order in specialized mailers with reusable gel packs that are rated to keep the shipment intact for up to 3 days.

Priority Mail (2 day) orders will be shipped on the first available day Monday-Thursday so that your chocolate isn't stuck at a processing facility over a weekend/Sunday. If you have a 3 day Priority Mail address, your package will be shipped on the first available day Monday-Wednesday. Overnight packages (via USPS) can be shipped out the first available day Monday-Friday, since the USPS runs on Saturday.

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