Q: How long does chocolate last?

Chocolate typically has a shelf life of about a year. The longer you wait to eat it, the less fresh your chocolate will taste.

​Truffles and filled chocolate need to be consumed immediately, or refrigerated for up to a week, since the ingredients in the truffles are perishable.

Q: How should I store the chocolate?

If you can keep yourself from eating it all as soon as you get it, you might want to store your chocolate! Chocolate bars and hearts (unfilled chocolate) should be kept in a cool, dry place, and sealed well to keep in freshness. If chocolates are left out in extreme temperatures, the cocoa butter elements can separate from the rest of the chocolate, causing it to have white spots, or a white pattern.

Because everything we produce is all natural, truffles and filled chocolates need to be sealed well and refrigerated for up to a week, because they contain perishable ingredients. It is best to eat them within a few days of purchase!

Q: Is everything really vegan & gluten free?

Yes, but that doesn't mean that it isn't delicious! Vegans and omnivores alike love our chocolate! There are no animal products or products containing gluten used in our kitchen. We also do not use soy in our products. There is organic non-GMO soy in the soft serve mix we use at our factory store, and there may be soy in some of the candies produced by others, and/or in some of the cookies we use, but we will never have gluten in our kitchen, and we will never put soy into our chocolates.

Q: What if I have a nut allergy?

Unfortunately, we use coconut, peanuts, and other tree nuts in our processing facility. Because our vegan "milk" chocolate is made with coconut milk, we are unable to have a nut-free facility.

Q: Do you make sugar free chocolate?

The short answer is, regrettably, no. The reason why is that quality sugar-free chocolate is hard to produce, and requires a great deal of ingredients and chemistry to produce. Because our mission is to produce simple, pure chocolate, we are sticking with unrefined cane sugar as our only sweetener. Our 80% Dark Chocolate is as close to sugar-free as we get.

Q: Why don't you have the organic and fair trade symbols on your wrappers?

We are a relatively new company focused on our boutique factory store. Every bar and chocolate is hand made and hand wrapped right here in Wooster, Ohio! Certification, which can be expensive and somewhat time consuming, is a long-term goal of ours. Right now, we are focused on creating delicious small batches of chocolate, and running our boutique factory store. The ingredients in our chocolate are certified organic and/or fair trade, or come from small farms and co-ops with fair trade practices.